Round and Round

Round and Round is an installation by Giny Vos about the history of the moving image. It mixes the oldest movie scenes with the first computer images into oversized pixels as a reference to the world of the digital image. 4096 pixels transform the spherical shaped space of the KunstKapel into a zoetrope. The only light available is produced by the installation where the visitors will find themselves in the middle of an exposition of fragments and pieces.

The size of the screen is 4 meter by 64 meter, having a resolution of 16×256 pixels.
The size of an individual pixel is 25×25cm, illuminated by a single 5mm white LED.
The electronics consist of 64 PCBs, UTP cable (communication) and ribbon cable connecting the 4096 LEDs.

Simbits was hired to interface the hardware to the host controller and the creation of the video streaming software.

hardware design / firmware: Schrikdraad Elektronisch Ontwerp
screen construction design / build up: Konstantin Leonenko

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