Inspired by an early movie projector of the same name, the Bioscope is a medium to experience memories in relative time. It consists of a hand-held device, to be viewed with one eye, which resembles an old film camera. By rotating the handle, the digital (or digitized home) movie is animated frame by frame, forward or in reverse, relative to the speed and direction that is used to turn the dial.

Bioscope demands users to actually (and manually) engage to see a movie. The act of seeing is subjectively constructed through each frame and view, hereby engaging us to notice the discrete relationships which manifest personal meaning.

The Bioscope synthesizes the intrinsic qualities of the digital and the analogue, such as appropriation and remixing seen in digital culture, as well as direct interaction and spatial experience seen in physical things. It enables people to collect from electronic archives, to take ownership and generate new relations.

Internally the Bioscope uses a Raspberry PI main board and a custom shield for power, charging, backlight and tilt sensing.

Bioscope is a collaboration between Simon de Bakker (Simbits) and Jon Stam (Commonplace Studio) which was made possible by, and realized during the V2_’s SummerSessions at the V2_lab.

Bioscope was first shown during the V2_ Testlab: SummerSessions 2012, September 6 2012

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