Rambler 2.0 Jump Edition

Rambler 2.0 Jump Edition is a pair of shoes developed for Timberland that leave a virtual trace of your path in real life and share it using social media networks like twitter and Facebook. The shoes reveal your position to your friends, post pictures from your location, create a personalized map of your paths and mark the places you like.

The shoes automatically post on twitter every 20 minutes how many steps you did and a picture of your location. To make extra posts  you need to jump:

  • Jumping one time posts a picture of your location on twitter,
  • Jumping two times posts a picture of the place and its name and likes this on Facebook,
  • Jumping three times posts a picture and name of your location, likes this on Facebook and creates a tag on a google map.

Rambler 2.0 Jump Edition also checks the Facebook events you plan to attend and immediately posts when you arrive there.

Simbits was asked by Popkalab to develop the software in form of an Android application.